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Monticristi® has created and brought a new concept to the world, opening the doors to imagination, creativity, and limitless ways to work with one of the most fashionable, fine, and exclusive wearable pieces of art, a “Straw Hat” Excellence is our lemma, exclusivity is our signature, art and fashion is our vision, and perfection is only the result of such a piece of art revolutionizing the hat industry. “From the middle of the world, to the capital of the world,...

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one-of-a-kind Monticristi® hats

Now our one-of-a-kind Monticristi® hats are being displayed at the exclusive hat shot Fedora Primo Santa Monica California. Fedora Primo Santa Monica California, “Our Aim is to bring to our web-site the same fun energy and styles that people from all over the world have found in our store.”

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