The Luxury Brand Experience

The Luxury Brand Experience

Monticristi® has achieved to be the most luxurious and exclusive straw hat brand in the world. All of our hats reach the exclusive, distinctive, and inimitable characteristics that are needed to be the finest straw hats. Our mission is to create, design and provide the finest straw hats for consumers with a high sense of fashion around the world.

Monticristi® has successfully participated in THE LUXURY BRAND EXPERIENCES hosted by one of the most amazing World Wide Luxury Magazines around the globe “Destination Luxury”, in which were many other luxury brands, at the luxurious 717 Olympic Penthouse downtown LA California.


“THE VISION: Many luxury brands target one type of clientele and sometimes overlook that their customers can be part of another market segment. Our goal is to bring a bit of cross-pollination into the luxury sector. This opportunity is designed to diversify not only a brand’s clientele, but to create sales opportunities in entirely new qualified markets.” Destination Luxury

”OUR MISSION: We strive to be the most progressive luxury media brand in the world. Destination Luxury inspires and cultivates a new breed of luxury consumers and innovators. With engaging viral content, it blends the best of the most upscale categories of the luxury lifestyle. Destination Luxury attracts high net-worth individuals by writing about the most sought-after brands.”…Read more

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