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The Art of Weaving a Monticristi®​

“Unforgotten Mysticism of the coasts of Ecuador, a living treasure, almost touch by a magic wand, is The Art of Toquilla Straw Hat Weaving.” (Monticristi®) “Inscribed by the UNESCO France, 2012, on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the traditional art of weaving a Toquilla Straw Hat is a fair representation of excellence, history, art, craftsmanship, class, and luxury.” (Monticristi®) “In Montecristi-Ecuador live the great masters weavers. Hats so elegantly weaved the world soon...

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Toquilla Straw Hats, Cultural and Fashion trend

“Today, to distinguish his straw hats from others, Pablo uses the finest straw available in the world for the hub of the straw-hat business, Montecristi. All of the hats are made in Ecuador, using the finest straws and the most experienced weavers. Through his business, Pablo and his two business colleagues have created job opportunities and a success story for Ecuador.”…Read more

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