Holistic concepts for a bright future

Holistic concepts for a bright future

Monticristi® NYC “Labor Sustainably” In times of collective consciousness awareness, our commitment is to aid not only the physical, mental, and spiritual pain we all are going through, but also to recover our real identity as human beings. We are committed to keep working on more sustanable opportunities for local and international communities and at the same time promoting and unveiling the importance of sustainable labor. Working and developing more sustainably concepts, objectives, and visions will allow us to naturally protect ourselves and others from any kind  of threat. We sustain ourselves as a team, as leaders, as laborers, but most importantly as human beings and we will continue working on new hopes for future generations. Natural factors, as well as human factors fundamentally interfere in our millenary Sustainable concepts. Superb and unique skills are essentially needed to engage in the process of weaving a genuine 100% sustainable piece of art. Such qualities and characteristics involving not only natural, but also human factors exclusively from this geographical region, create a substantial added valued, letting us take advantage of a unique “Denomination of Origin” thanks to a Geographical Indication Mark designated to Montecristi-Ecuador.

“Art and LifeStyle”


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