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Super Fino

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    GRADE : 32


    BRIM: 3'' 

    CROWN : 3''

    Details : Feathers ; Black silk headband 23.5'' ; Logo Monticristi

    Hat of Kings and Queens

    Regardless of the nearly 4,000 BC years of ancient cultural diffusion existence in the art of weaving a Monticristi®, the style of a hat also has its own legacy. BAUDELAIRE

    Feathered and layered, French silk satin ribbon, and finished with the Monticristi® brand clip, bring us an iconic fashion inspiration by Ellen Christine Couture. This 32 Grade Monticristi® is one of our finest pieces. Eight months after weaving and design, our iconic 32 Grade Toquilla Straw Hat “BAUDELAIRE” Monticristi®, symbolized not only art, history, couture, luxury but also is a symbol of distinction and elegance for our unique clients and the hat industry.

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