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Regardless of the nearly 4,000 BC years of ancient cultural diffusion existence in the art of weaving a Monticristi®, the style of a hat also has its own legacy. MONTICRISTI® TOP HAT
So-Called “Stovepipe”, atypical vogue, 1700s Dandy’s Trade Mark, symbol of Luxury and Hierarchy, the forever trendy “TOP HAT”. Top hats have been part of the headwear industry since the 1600s bringing a completely avant-garde style, and consequently an unimaginably fashion evolution which still exists until today. First trended in the 1700s’ as a Fashion Icon, the Top hat developed its reputation in a very exclusive and trendsetter manner becoming a 1800s’ symbol of Hierarchy and Luxury. Since the empire period in the 1800’s, to the present day, Top hats have been adopting different style names, such as Empire Top Hat, or Opera Top Hat, and they were dressed in Top Luxury Royal Social Events. Top Hats still are one of the most Luxurious and Exclusive head accessories in the present time. Now from the MASTER HANDS OF THE MOST SKILLED AND LUXURIOUS ARTISANS IN THE WORLD, in Pile-Montecristi Ecuador and New York City, introducing for the first time “12 GRADE MONTICRISTI® TOP HAT C_CLASS”.


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