The Ancient Art Of Straw Weaving

It is believed that in order to bring into being, a concept of great value, its essence needs to be of exceptional significance.

The mastery of straw weaving evolved in the western part of South America, city of Montecristi, over 5000 years ago. The technique of straw weaving was acquired by the Valdivia Culture. The valdi-vians guarded and passed on the secrets of such manufacturing through generations. The fascination with the exquisite raw material due to its functionality survived centuries, being carried on by the Spaniards and preserved sacredly, up until the contemporary times against all historical obstacles.

The procedure of conceiving a hat of a unique design commences in the remote and isolated tropical lands, deep into the forest in the middle of the world, where thick wilderness protects the plantation of this distinctive vegetable fiber. The additional oxygen that this region provides is necessary to cultivate the best straw. Hence, the settlement of the plantation of rich soil, right amount of moisture and cool air, plays a fundamental role in maintaining the unique climate necessary for its masterful creation.

Ideal environmental conditions and the knowledge to select carefully the leaves that will form a final art piece comprise the primary part of the creation. Meticulously skilled artists who understand the nature of this tropical plant are the artisans who specialize in the art of straw weaving. Their dedication to perfecting the method has been improved over ages. The highly qualified artisans blend their life long expertise, gifted technique, and diligent manipulation of the fiber to achieve the most exceptional result.

Monticristi® is a venture of spreading the knowledge throughout the world about the optimal excellence of the Toquilla Straw, its high fashioned products, and the ancient technique to prevent it from extinction. It is our intention to make the art of weaving recognizable internationally fusing it with a touch of contemporary fashion and pursuit the preserving of its prestigious legacy.