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Holistic concepts for a bright future

Monticristi® NYC "Labor Sustainably" In times of collective consciousness awareness, our commitment is to aid not only the physical, mental, and spiritual pain we all are going through, but also to recover our real identity as human beings. We are committed to keep working on more sustanable opportunities for local and international communities and at the same time promoting and unveiling the importance of sustainable labor. Working and developing more sustainably concepts, objectives, and visions will allow us to...

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At the end of 2012 in Paris-France, the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage inscribed the official nomination file number 00729. The file number represents the traditional Weaving of the Ecuadorian Toquilla Straw Hat, and has been placed on the prestigious list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO which gives a Monticristi® hat an outstanding universal added value. read more…

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The Art of Weaving a Monticristi®​

“Unforgotten Mysticism of the coasts of Ecuador, a living treasure, almost touch by a magic wand, is The Art of Toquilla Straw Hat Weaving.” (Monticristi®) “Inscribed by the UNESCO France, 2012, on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the traditional art of weaving a Toquilla Straw Hat is a fair representation of excellence, history, art, craftsmanship, class, and luxury.” (Monticristi®) “In Montecristi-Ecuador live the great masters weavers. Hats so elegantly weaved the world soon...

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“Travels with my hat” – THE HAT MAGAZINE – LONDON

“The Hat Magazine” - LONDON Features Monticristi®  Summer 2017 Issue 73  Monticristi® exclusively manufactures and designs all of its products in USA, and works with the most skilled artisans from Montecristi-Ecuador, internationally known for the finesse of its handwork.  “From all the different Panamas, Monticristi® is the very finest. It is handwoven within small area of Ecuador by the most skilled and respected weavers”…(Read more & Subscribe)

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The Panama Hat

A few weeks ago I heard something extraordinary. The Panama Hat (think Sean Connery for Louis Vuitton) is not from Panama at all. In fact it’s from Ecuador – Ecuadorian laborers building the Panama Canal wore them and voilà, the misattributed and now iconic “Panama” hat was born. To learn more (and because I’ve recently become somewhat of ahat aficionado) I sat down with Emilio Gomez, Pablo Vinueza and Jose Molina who together founded Monticristi.

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Monticristi® launches one of its finest collections in the west coast. “La Descarga” a cigar lounge & burlesque-style located in Western Hollywood was the host for Monticristi® to give it a relax start to its business and promotional tour throughout Southern California. A night with fine hats, fine cigars, and fine company was a perfect combination to present and introduce to the market one of its most exclusive pieces of art.

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Monticristi® Hand-woven Toquilla Straw Hats

Hat wearing has had different phases of popularuity over the years. But people appreciate good fashion, and the luxury line of hand-woven Toquilla Straw hats from Monticristi are very stylish….read more

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From the Finest artisans, to the most famous runways.

“Estas piezas de arte, que fueron parte de la Semana de la Moda de Nueva York en septiembre pasado, tienen un sello particular. Los ecuatorianos que las elaboran, que son los mejores tejedores, trabajan en medidas de finura, que además de hacerlos más atractivos, hacen que la producción se alargue por meses’…Read more

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Finest Straw Hats

Monticristi® will be constantly endeavoring on the name of luxury, fashion, class, art, history, culture, craftsmanship, and most importantly to continue the dreams of the Artisans. Monticristi® is very proud to represent the Finest Toquilla Straw Hats in the World.“Monticristi® has achieved to be the only Straw Hat Company Certified by the Ministry of Tourism & and the Mayor of Montecristi”. “All Monticristi® are made in USA and 100% Handwoven in Pile-Montecristi- Ecuador by the most EXPERIENCED WEAVERS USING...

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Monticristi® has created and brought a new concept to the world, opening the doors to imagination, creativity, and limitless ways to work with one of the most fashionable, fine, and exclusive wearable pieces of art, a “Straw Hat” Excellence is our lemma, exclusivity is our signature, art and fashion is our vision, and perfection is only the result of such a piece of art revolutionizing the hat industry. “From the middle of the world, to the capital of the world,...

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