Our Product

Our Product

Monticristi® NYC “Labored & Harvested Sustainably”. Ethically and Impeccably “Made in USA”, and Sustainably Handcrafted in Montecristi – Ecuador. All of our items reach the exclusive, distinctive, and inimitable characteristics to represent a high-end quality product. Our hats are certified by the Mayor of Montecristi – Ecuador and the Director of Tourism of Montecristi – Ecuador since 2012

In the depths of the tropical forest in the coasts of Montecristi – Ecuador, grows a unique type of stemless palm (Toquilla Straw) that has been self-sustaining its surroundings communities for more than 5,000 years. Natural and human factors fundamentally interfere in the “self-sustaining” harvest of this plant. Superb and unique natural environmental conditions such as climate, location, soil, and minerals are the essence to finally have the best quality materials to engage in the process of weaving a “genuine 100% Sustainable “Piece of Art.”

These unique factors from this geographical region, create a substantial added value, letting us take advantage of unique “Denomination of Origin” thanks to Geographical Indication Mark designated to Montecristi – Ecuador. Simply, not every Panama Hat can be called “Montecristi Panama Hat”.

In Paris France, on December 2012 at the Seven Session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity, the art of Montecristi Weave was inscribed in the Representative List of the Intangible Culture Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO. Montecristi Weave

There are 3 major categories with these art pieces which give the product the distinction of being a luxury good:

1. Manufacturing Characteristics: expertise of manufacturer/weaver, manufacturing complexity (time of elaboration of a Montecristi Panama Hat, may take up to 16 months, undergoing a may step process). Sustainably Hand-crafted, naturally dried and dyed Toquilla Straw hats.

2. Concrete Product Characteristics: Price, Material (Toquilla Straw, stronger and most durable straws which enables the weaver to weave the finest threads), Craftsmanship (UNESCO Cultural
Heritage of Humanity), Rarity of these pieces due to limited expertise gives a scarcity value. Only a limited number of master artisan that are able to weave hats that are 40 grades or 1,600 square inch threads and up.

3. Abstract Characteristics: Durability and Value, Comfort ability and Usability, Functionality and Performance (maximum protection against UV rays due to the performance of the top functionality; the way threads are woven, tightly together), Aesthetics, Safety, Extraordinariness,
and Symbolism.

Major Features and their values:

• Price: the price of our Montecristi Panama Straw Hats varies according to the finesse of their weaving; their thread counts are counted just as fine sheets thread count measure. The finer fiber, the more difficult to weave by the master artisan, and how finely the hat is woven will dictate how long the production time will be, and price.

• Quality: Our Montecristi Panama Hats are made with 100% Toquilla Straws which only grows in tropical rain forests. These type of vegetable fibers (Carludovica Palmata, scientific name); are known to be the most resistant, durable and best quality straws; therefore, each of our products displays a superb level of quality.

• Aesthetics: measure of taste, appreciation of beauty of the art of straw weaving. The ancient oriental technique of straw weaving was inscribed by the UNESCO an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity given the product Universal value. This technique gives complexity to the hat’s design, the more experienced weavers can elaborate head pieces that are so unique and singular which make them pleasant to the touch. Early civilization would call the fabric “vampire wings”, for the finesse of its texture. We satisfy our consumers with the uniqueness of our products. It is in the meticulous details of the technique and the texture of the material where you can genuinely feel the difference.

• Rarity: Extra Fino Montecristi Hats Hats are not ordinary hats, but rather a rarity. There is a bigger chance to go to a hat party and be the only wearing a 40 grade Fedora Straw Hat because of the uniqueness of these pieces which adds a great additional value. Also, there are natural limitations, which arise from the limited availability of weavers/artisans who produce the finest Montecristi Panama hats. This hand-made manufacturing limitation also creates an additional value.

• Extraordinariness: arises from the hat’s 5000 years of history and its many step-process of straw weaving before it gets to the most exclusive manufacturers, designers, artists, and artisans in USA and around the globe to finally get a finished product.

“Art and LifeStyle”