The Art of Weaving a Monticristi®​

The Art of Weaving a Monticristi®​


“Unforgotten Mysticism of the coasts of Ecuador, a living treasure, almost touch by a magic wand, is The Art of Toquilla Straw Hat Weaving.” (Monticristi®)

“Inscribed by the UNESCO France, 2012, on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the traditional art of weaving a Toquilla Straw Hat is a fair representation of excellence, history, art, craftsmanship, class, and luxury.” (Monticristi®)

“In Montecristi-Ecuador live the great masters weavers. Hats so elegantly weaved the world soon started to notice its splendor providing local artisans a living and offering the world a new fresh version of perfection. This place which location constantly fascinates those who understand the value of it and the many rewards that comes with it as well. We hear of an ideal weather for natural resources and fields that can only survive its uniqueness subject to the precise temperature. Time as an ally only confirms that for many years this new world of fantastic and wonderful fields is the mother of South American art and here we stand today to give you a taste of her finest creation.” (Monticristi®)

Monticristi® a trademark of Monticristi LLC based in NYC, has become the brand that represents the finest Toquilla Straw Hats found in the market. From the center of the Earth to the most fashionable cities carrying its essence and the details not too many hands can elaborate, but many perfectionist admire and many who History understanding plays a major role can embrace the beauty of its magnificence.” (Monticrisrti®)

 All of our hats are made in United States by different exclusive designers, and handwoven in Pile-Montecristi-Ecuador. Moreover, we count with the finest team of artisan exclusively from Pile-Montecristi who are committed to prevail its prestigious heritage. Monticristi® reintroduce the Millenary concept of the weave classification which has been used since the very beginning of its legacy. E_Class, S_Class, F_Class, B_Class, L_Class are the short name for Extra Finio, Super Fino, Fino, Brisa, and Llano. These are the classes of finesse base on treads counts from 14 to 50 per 1 inch.

Monticristi®s latest Collaboration, with “Milliner Ellen Christine Couture”, also based in NYC, is officially launching its Collection. “They include chiffon Marie Antoinette hats that resemble layer cakes and a $19,500 fedora that took a craftsman in Montecristi, Ecuador, four years to weave; its straw feels as smooth as linen.” Read more… (The New York Times)

The “Brisk” a 100% Toquilla Straw Handwoven in pile, and 100% hand-designed in NYC by Ellen Christine Couture, is a 40 Grade E_Class Monticristi® which took a little over a year to be finished, and it is the finest of this collection.

“Two pleats are gently folded into the shape to allow for a packable crown. This remarkable and artistic hat is woven from the finest grade we currently offer in this collection. Almost fabric-like in texture, the fine straw fibers take the artisan up to one year to weave the body for us to make the hat. Resembling a fedora style, this is an easy shape for men or women to wear. Trimmed in our French silk satin ribbon, and finished with the Monticristi® brand clip, this is a very special hat for someone of distinction.” Read more… (Monticristi®)

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